~ Healing Your Chakras ~
(description of online course with mentor Catherine Bastedo)

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heart and handsThis online class, which was revised and updated for 2018, will help you learn the location of your seven major chakras and their attributes, as well as the state of health of your own chakras and how they affect your emotional and physical health. You will learn how to sense your chakras, connect with them and techniques for clearing and aligning them, through quick exercises and assignments.

Lesson 1 is an introduction to the 7 chakras – where they are, what they look like, how we sense our chakras, and what they do. You will learn why a chakra may be out of alignment, and how this may affect you. There is a chakra chart and a resource given for a chakra test, so that you can yourself check the health of your chakras.

Lesson 2 covers the lower chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus, with examples of how holographically, these can show up in an energy session, and particular emphasis on the emotional attributes of the chakras.

Lesson 3 covers the heart chakra, and how to increase its energy. This is such an important chakra that an chakra totementire lesson is devoted to it. You will find numerous ways here to help balance your heart chakra, and resources for books, music, and websites to help you.

Lesson 4 relates to the throat, third eye and crown chakra, and examples of things that can affect them and how to increase their energy.

Each lesson has an assignment – it may be a meditation, reading, watching or listening to something on the internet, questions to answer or actions to take. Some are to be sent to the mentor, others are for your own personal learning. The last lesson includes an optional assignment to help you review what you have learned about the 7 chakras.

The lessons are presented with visual aids to emphasize the symbolism of the chakras, and help you remember. A PowerPoint presentation has been included after each lesson, so that you can visually review the main ideas.


  • Discover the resources and the potential within you to connect to Source energy and facilitate your own chakra healing
  • Gain a basic understanding of your chakras – what they are, how they work, and how they affect your physical, mental and emotional health
  • Learn what attributes – relationship issues, grief, self-confidence, communications and so on – are located in the different chakras
  • Find out how to locate blockages in your chakras that adversely affect your health and acquire tools to clear these blockages
  • Share ways to increase the energy in your chakras, with special emphasis on the heart chakra, by participating in webinars and an active Chakra Forum
  • Put the lessons of Healing Your Chakras into practice in everyday life through the methods you acquire
  • Following the class, continue your relationship with your Mentor through the Healing Your Chakras Forum.


*Mentor: Catherine Bastedo

Catherine Bastedo  is a Usui-Holographic Reiki and Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher, international speaker, author and leader of retreats and workshops. She is a Wellness Coach at the Maplesoft Centre for Cancer Survivors. Catherine helps clients develop their inner guidance using a holistic, intuitive approach.

She is also the author of Bird Vibes, a meditation deck based on the chakras and our connection to birds and nature.  This deck helps deepen our understanding of our spiritual path and provides helpful messages.  

Catherine held various leadership roles in the Canadian Public Service and then was Executive Director of the International Council for Canadian Studies. Her clients and students appreciate the breadth of knowledge, wisdom, empathy, experience and love of nature that she brings to her classes and sessions.
Catherine Bastedo, M.A., RT-CRA www.visionreiki.com  

Listen to a 30 minute radio interview with Catherine Bastedo

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Bird Vibes Cards

Bird Vibes Cards
Use this deck to gain insight into current life situations and to connect with Nature and the Universal Life Energy around us and within us. ~

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Testimonials: "I'm so grateful to you, Catherine, for teaching the Chakra course. Your lessons eased me back into working with my Chakras. As you know, I had gotten so busy that I had shelved that part of my life. Fortunately, some things will not be denied. I started feeling out of balance. I couldn't write. I started feeling stuck. Thankfully, Goddess always gives us what we need. When I saw the Chakra class in the Wise Woman's course listing, I knew I had to take it. As I worked through the lessons, I began to see just how blocked I was. I am a writer, so I know how these kinds of blockages can hinder creativity. Unfortunately, I was so tied up in knots that I couldn't see where I was blocked. Thanks for getting me back on track, Catherine. I'm looking forward to taking more classes with you. Just let me know when. Peace, blessings, and much love to you. - Diana"

"I have learned about the importance of recognizing and expressing emotions and feelings; they are essential to the balance of the lower chakras. I realize the importance of journal writing for myself, of breathing, crystal work and visualization to feel balanced." - Josée

"I feel that I gained a lot of insight into chakras in general and my own in particular. I already feel that a shift has occurred within me. As I mentioned in one of my writings, much of this knowledge seems like it should be intuitive, however it has not been for me. The course helped bring this imbedded knowledge to the surface.,,I truly enjoyed this course and I believe I gained some helpful and lovely nuggets of information". - Julie

"Thank You, this class has helped me to be a wise woman again". - Patricia

"I also wanted to pass along some exciting news. After spending the last few days "immersed" in chakra work, I have noticed a shift. Prior to taking your class, I had been working on viewing aura's, beginning with my own. I was having a difficult time seeing mine. I would sometimes catch a glimpse of it for a split second and then I would lose sight of it. For the first time in a month or so, I gave it a try again today and the results were fantastic! I clearly saw my aura (a light yellow color) and it stayed present until I was ready for it to leave. It was swirly and ethereal, really cool! I can only believe that the shift occurred because I have begun clearing some of my chakras. Thank you!" - Julie