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~ Creating Altars ~
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In the Creating Altars, four week online course, we come together to look at a bit of history about altars, to explore the many different kinds of altars out there, to discuss purpose, location, and symbolism important to altar builders.  We will bring all of this information together to build four altars each:  a seasonal altar, a single focus altar, an outside altar, and a portable altar.  Come join us to begin or to expand on your altar-consciousness. REGISTER HERE


~ Goddess Dolls ~
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In this four week online course we discover the goddess sculptures of ancient time; let her inspiration guide you to fashion your own art doll token.  Making your own Goddess doll is a powerful and transforming act. You will make your own Goddess doll as a spiritual token, embellishing her as you desire.  No sewing experience or sewing machines required!


~ Dream Journals ~
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In this four week online course we chronicle your dreamtime while experimenting with herbal dream pillows. In this class we will make a dream journal and learn techniques of dream journaling. Then we will make four dream pillows to sleep with in order to examine their impact on our dreams and our journals.



~ Moon Writing ~
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In this four week online course you will begin or deepen your writing practice by standing witness to the moon’s cyclic influence in our lives. For the four weeks of this class, we will become aware of the moon’s subtle energies and see how this awareness will enhance our writing practice and shine into our lives.  An acute awareness of the moon will enhance your world. REGISTER HERE


~ Creative Writing ~
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In this four week online course you will begin a Writing Practice; embark on the creative journey of writing and journaling with guidance, encouragement, and support. Learning to get in touch with your womanly belly, to free yourself from judgment and negative critique, to use your own goddess-given voice, can help you to write more creatively no matter what type of writing you are engaged in. Let's join together to learn to bring more creativity to our writing. REGISTER HERE


Mentor: Jan Calloway-Baxter

Jan lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her Green Man/Soul Mate husband and their children, dogs, cats, and city chickens.

She loves growing herbs, making medicine, cooking and eating good food, writing, making Goddess Dolls, working with fabric and fiber, reading, traveling, sleeping, listening to music, walking in the woods and sitting by the fireplace.

Jan has taught writing, literature and humanities in universities, colleges and high schools for many years, including developing online composition courses. Jan is delighted to be a mentor at the Wise Woman University.


Listen to a 30 minute radio interview with Jan Calloway-Baxter

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