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by Nora Beeman - Friday, May 14, 2010, 08:00 PM
Anyone in the world


This is Michael Mohoric. He is a healer. He offers free distance healings regularly and I find him to be very good. He is on Facebook and all you need to do is sign up for the healings when he gives them. No need to do anything else. They are long distance healings. Lay down relax and enjoy. You can also check out his website http://www.qigongenergyhealing.com/

You will learn a lot about him there.

In Peace & Healing,


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by Nora Beeman - Friday, May 14, 2010, 07:29 PM
Anyone in the world

Woe is me. I am trying so hard to outwit squirrels and nothing is working. The Problem is I am limited to begin with. I am three floors up and have two small areas to work with. Both have railings and the perfect jump off points for critters that can leap thirty feet easily. I'm doomed. But I keep trying.

Sure I know better than to pot flowers and try to keep them safe on the porch but how do I withdraw something so natural in one fell swoop? No dirt, no pots, no flowers equals no smiles. So, I keep trying. I have the book "Outwitting Squirrels" but there is not a mention of what to do in an apt. situation.

This morning I became more of an observer while the rascals came to visit the plant Queendom. I noticed not only did they like to dig but they dug more deeply and then sort of nestled up in the cool dirt.....cooling themselves? I think so. My decision was to gather my scared rocks and put them on top of the dirt in the pots around the flowers. Smaller stones did not work in fact it looked like they were enjoying new toys by the way I found them scattered about. So far so good (the last nine hours). No upheavals.

This by the way is ALL my fault. I befriended one little baby squirrel almost a year and a half ago. Billy, the little lost soul who stole my heart. One was fine. Then a few other babies strolled along (maybe Billy was really Belinda). Babies, who can resist babies? Darlings in every sense of the word. I fed them all.

They know when the front door opens....they can hear it. That is like a food alarm going off and soon they are all here in various safe locations from each other. I've taken to not feeding them on the porch anymore but instead throwing their peanuts down into the woods. The smarter squirrels caught on immediately. The ones that thought I'd soften took longer to figure out what I was doing. But even this does not keep them from coming and making sure I know they are there to be FED...whether it's in the woods or sneaking onto the patio (opposite of the porch on the other side of the apt.) and raising cane. So, I have managed to bring on a bunch of little pests that I truly love. Can't live with them can't live without them.

Yesterday when I was throwing peanuts down into the woods I noticed a thrush that went right after one that fell and flew off with it. A thrush! I’ll be darned.

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This is a picture of me in my diningroom/library/homework/art room!
by Melissa Potter - Monday, May 10, 2010, 02:17 PM
Anyone in the world

I am so in love with making altars and so I thought that it would be very important for the students in the Reclaiming Artemis class to create an empowerment altar for themselves to work with during the course of the class.

Women are re-connecting to their power, invoking Artemis-Within, setting boundaries in their lives and around their homes, praying, celebrating, becoming inspired, remembering their joy, reclaiming their power - and the altars are reminders and unique, inspiring, personal creations for us along our journeys.

This is a Goddess Prayer Bowl handmade by a woman in New Hampshire. She had always wanted to take a pottery class. This is one of her beautiful creations and she has chosen it for her Goddess Prayer Bowl. "Turning it over" to the Goddess is such a relief...I think that the answers come to me so much more quickly when I can let it go for a little while!

Below is an Artemis Altar from one of the women in the course! Thank You for sharing!

And here is a hand-made home in Hawaii ~ talk about creating sacred space! Here is another beautiful and personal altar creation from one of the women in the Reclaiming Artemis class.

Blessings & Strength of Artemis to All!

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This is a picture of me in my diningroom/library/homework/art room!
by Melissa Potter - Monday, May 10, 2010, 01:26 PM
Anyone in the world

Hello! I am loving the work I am doing in the world! I am loving being a part of a fully-alive women-woven web of wildness, wonderment, earth loving, empowerment, sharing, creating, shining, teaching, learning, and magic! We are doing our parts to heal the world, to weave safe places, to create sacred space for so much mystery and beauty and exploration. I am grateful!

Here is a living altar in the heart-hearth of this beautiful outdoor kitchen of one of the women from the Reclaiming Artemis course who lives in Hawaii.

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by Nora Beeman - Monday, May 3, 2010, 05:16 PM
Anyone in the world

Wow, what a great way to spend the day. My sister invited me to go with her and two of her friends to the new extension of the NC Museum of Art. I was mesmerized. It has been forever since I have been to a museum. As far as I’m concerned museums and libraries are cousins. I love them both. I was in for a real treat.


The art spans across history with so many variations and interests. I took over 100 photos. I was very taken in by the African and Judaic art displays. The Egyptian art called too. The Rodin Garden was special. The restaurant delicious.


I have to go back and learn the facts. My brief visit this first time was just to go on an eye candy dance. I learned they have something called an audio wand for rent ($3.00) that tells you all about the art displayed inside the building. I learned that after I got home and read the brochure! Oy. But now I know and will take advantage of that next visit.


The photo below is of me and ‘The Tree’. This appears to be some sort of fiber optic image focused on the wall from the ceiling. It moves! The limbs sway back and forth, up and down and the leaves come and go and turn color. I loved it.

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by Nora Beeman - Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 05:25 PM
Anyone in the world

When I first moved to NC I was hard pressed to feel like I was going to be able to convince nature to join me three flights up. I had left behind Chippy (pictured in last blog entry) behind in NY with a fallen heart at ground level. He brightened each and everyone of my days with his cuteness and laughter. If there were Chippy’s in NC they weren’t heeding my call.

My first claim to fame were the hummingbirds who responded readily to the feeders I hung. But it took nine months before I could lure other birds to the small patio that has become a feeding station. Now we pull in red breasted nuthatches, white breasted nuthatches, titmice, cardinals (state bird), towhees, black capped chickadees, golden finches, Carolina wrens (which is unusual because I do not put out anything on their menu), house finches, and a small yellow bird I have yet to ID (warbler?).

I also befriended some squirrels just out of the nest with peanuts awhile back. Billy has been coming for over a year and a half. He seems to like my company while most others just see me as a feeding dispenser. But I am happy to have these little critters visiting daily. Of course it took some long winded strategies to outwit them and that took over a year. Now I am feeling a bit snooty having done so. Oh, dear I spoke to soon....I has an unexpected quest on the patio this afternoon. Sigh.

One of the strangest things I think is the nesting wren. She has chosen a spot underneath the table on the patio to build a nest. I have a long table cloth on this table and store my gourds underneath it in large Rubber Maid tubs. On them I have some pots for plants that are empty. She chose a pot to call home.

I have worried about her and the chicks (which I can not see)…it gets cold out there but worse it roasts when the temps go up. It can reach 100* easily as the patio faces the west and the setting sun. I also worried about the squirrels who took it upon them selves to achieve the Acrobats Of The Year award. They have managed to figure out how to scale roof tops and drain pipes at unmanageable angles. So to try and make their life complicated. I have put cardboard around the perimeter of the patio and plants in boxes on top of the ‘entrance’ railing.

Once mama wren is finished and the babies have fledged I am going to nail the wren bird house under the table. Hopefully she will accept that next time. It would mean less worry. My friend who has wrens at her home in MO. told me all about wrens. She said they like to nest in birdhouses that swing. She has them in her trees and they do well. Apparently our wren thinks out of the box.

My husband had a very funny (to me) experience last year. He leaves for work at 6:30 a.m. When he opened the front door a raccoon tried to get into the apt. He was so rattled (not exactly Steve Irwin) he woke me up to tell me. I asked “Well, what did you do?” and he replied “Screamed and shut the door”. That was a good chuckle for my morning.

I think the raccoon (related to dog) could smell the food stash I had too close to the door and decided it wanted first dibs. Naturally to spare hubby any further exit stress I moved the container to the other door which is impossible for a raccoon to get near. I learn as I go. I’m still learning but happy to do so. I am thrilled I have been able to invite nature to keep me company here three flights up.

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Picture of JoAnne Dodgson
by JoAnne Dodgson - Sunday, April 25, 2010, 06:15 PM
Anyone in the world
Dear Friends,

I've been watching the ant hills come alive here in the high desert mesas. The ants have re-opened the doorways to their underground homes, called out by the warming earth and shining sun. They move in a steady flow of focused intent, diligently carrying pebbles one by one from the unseen world below and piling them up outside. Building from the inside out. According to their own ancient knowing. A creative and purposeful design. The ants' homes are expanding, like temples in the sand.

Manaole U Manaole, from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart,
JoAnne Dodgson

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Georgia Jones, working on a recent sculpture
by Georgia Jones - Friday, April 23, 2010, 03:57 PM
Anyone in the world
Most of you won't know that I recently had an infection that shut down systems throughout my body and almost killed me. As dramatic as that is, it is the subtle, less exciting, aftermath that is more serious for me. I don't know what happened, no one does, but my brain has changed the way it works. Words, organization, numbers... enthusiasm is different and I find myself having to push in places I didn't need to push before and to change the way I approach my writing. All of these symptoms are ones I share with other people, some who have had similar experiences, some who have had very different experiences or just are that way. It is a different kind of enlightenment, having to see myself in a new context. The answer I am coming to see is exactly what I have been telling people for years: Poetry.

Poetry is about seeing, about defining, about organizing--not just pretty pictures but life, your own life and the life you observe. Poetry is the one exercise (and I am doing others for the physical aftermath) that will reshape me, the me inside that is the one I value most. So, I am going to take this moment today to remind all of you of the value of poetry, especially a daily challenge to yourself, to improve your life in every aspect. Go out and write something. Sign up for "Poetry for All Your Senses" to get the tools you need to make this happen. Whatever you are doing poetry will make it better.

Georgia Jones
Poetry Mentor

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by Nora Beeman - Saturday, April 17, 2010, 09:58 PM
Anyone in the world

Good Afternoon My Friends,

Ah...spring is here. I just love it and seem to be able to be more present in spring and fall. Maybe that is because I know summer is lurking and here in NC that means windows shut and AC on....not the best case scenario for me. I love air, cool circulating air. I sleep with a fan on no matter what the temp is.

The pollen seaon this year was cough, choke, gasp...bad! I thought (silly me) I could out smart the pines that line the forest's edge this year. The apt. windows are probably less than six yards away (we're three floors up in Treeville). I was watching the pines and noticing the time was nearing when all hell breaks loose. But when the winds kicked up and the temps dropped every window was thrown open. I had time to spare. But the pines laughed at me all night. I woke to everything covered with a thin, yellow  dusting of pollen and a throat raw and sore. Lol, silly me!

I was genuinely surprised at what the pollen covered...everything in its wake...like ash from fire or volcanoes...nothing is spared. And, to further shame me I had just done my annual spring cleaning inside and out. No small feat! The little patio glistened with all my crystals and shells glowing from their bath and smudge.

Not the lace table cloth is yellow. I would go back out now and clean again but I discovered a wren has built a nest under the table! How odd I thought. I will not disturb her. She has built her nest in a pot I had resting on top of a large Rubber Maid container I store my gourds in under the table. Of course I worry about 'things' but hope that everything works out for the little babies. It's such a tease not to be able to see them. My invisible wonders!

I do feel that I have been initiated into pollen world and pine tree heaven. I have weathered the storm. I love my friends that border the wood's edge. Many a night I hang my head at the window and watch as the trees dance and sway with the winds. There is a pole lamp neaby that illuminates everything with a stage like aura. These are my buddies, my pals, my commandants!

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by Nora Beeman - Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 02:13 PM
Anyone in the world

Good Morning,

I hope you're having as a nice a morning as I am. It's cool and sunny here in North Carolina. The birds and squirrels have come for breakfast and I am planning my day.

I've been thinking a lot about healing since I signed on with Michael Mohoric and his month of free long D healings in late March. He states this on his web-

" The focus is on spiritual healing that helps to heal the mind, body and spiritual connection. The practitioner transmits the healing energy and is only a conduit for the energy healing and a catalyst in one's healing process. When you raise the energetic vibration of the body then it can heal itself. Everyone does their own healing and is the healer.. "

This is true of Reiki as well.....perhaps healing in general. You are at the helm. Isn't that empowering!

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