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by Mary Lane - Monday, October 4, 2010, 08:00 PM
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The ancient ones did not have TV for distraction or books to learn from. They did not have homes that separated them from the elements and natural world. Their lives were simple and moved with the rhythm of nature. They turned to nature as their teacher and realized it was the manifestation of Divine intelligence. Each season embodied the seasons of their lives. Every plant that emerged held the wisdom of that season and nourished not only their bodies, but their soul. They witnessed how every plant and animal became food for another, eventually retuning to the earth as sustenance for the next generation. Because they were on top of the food chain and knew how many beings had offered their life as food for another they knew they were woven into the very fabric of their surroundings. Their life was full of ritual and gratitude for the sacrifice of each and every one that provided the nourishment that allowed them to have this earthly experience. As exchange for this sacrifice they respected and cared for the plants and animals and did not interfere with them living the life they were designed to live.

The ancient Taoists were just one culture who considered the intelligence of the natural world as their greatest teacher in how to live and nourish themselves. Through astute observation they were able to realize that they were a microcosm of this bigger picture and articulate the connection, mapping out how to stay aligned through the Five Element System. This alignment enabled them to feel as one with the Divine.

Fast forward to modern times and it is obvious how humans have lost this sense of connection and ignored the wisdom of nature losing their gratitude as they became more separated. We became more ill as each generation passed struggling to find health inventing one diet after another as the answer. We do not have to figure it out. It has already been well thought out. All we have to do is honor the intelligence that far surpasses our own.
When we eat according to this wisdom, and live according to the rules of our Great Mother we not only are given the optimum diet through what she puts out naturally in the environment in which we live, we return to our knowing that we are woven into the very fabric of it all. Without this sense of connection, the honoring of this intelligence, the gratitude for her gifts and sacrifices of our fellow creatures there can be no real health. The ritual of cooking with the knowing of all that has gone into each meal, not only for our health, but the sensuality of all the flavors, textures, aromas is a celebration in receiving the love bestowed upon us by our Divine Mother, which is the greatest ingredient of all to nourish our health and well being.

Eating the local seasonal foods in their natural form supports us to embody the wisdom of our Divine Mother and we can trust our bodies to know it needs throughout the year, and throughout our life. It adjusts as its needs shift. Listening to our bodies and honoring it’s wisdom just as we honor the Earth’s we can let go of the latest diet trends that over ride our bodies’ signals and we can nourish ourselves optimally according to our own wisdom.

Mary Lane
Author of Divine Nourishment, Introduction to 5 Element online Course at WWU

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