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Jill Diana Chasse 8mo pregnant with Ava Mae
by Jill Diana Chasse - Monday, March 29, 2010, 06:53 PM
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Baby blessings and welcome to the magic mamas' spring blog!

welcome spring

Okay- I'm ready for Spring!! How about you?

I love this season and holiday because I can explain the significance of Eostara with fertility and rebirth, and watch my children delight in the blessings of the earth's renewal. My son loves to get his hands in the earth and plant seeds and bulbs. His new favorite word is 'forsythia' which he proudly points out whenever we see the bright yellow flowers. . . and I swear my baby girl is staring at fairies in our budding garden.

What do you do with your children for the vernal equinox?
Do you talk about Persephone? Ostara? What are your favorite spring activities?

We blow eggs- then dye them with natural coloring (berries are the best for this!!) ... I have done that every year since I was little. We also try to plant something in the thawing ground.
I love the fertility symbolism of eggs and bunnies and I talk to my son about birth and growth and life and of course, we look for buds and birds! That first robin is always a blessing.

Equinox Blessings,
Jill Diana

Jill Diana

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