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by JoAnne Dodgson - Saturday, April 10, 2010, 04:59 PM
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Wild winds blow, celebrating the shifting of the seasons. Tumbleweeds are tumbling around the mesas, gathering in the arroyos, crossing roads. I like to help the Tumbleweeds roll over the fence and onto the wilderness lands - free to dance with the winds and continue on their way. Here are some of my ponderings on the medicines of these intriguing nomadic plants:

Touching the world of the tumbleweeds has allowed me to feel what it's like to naturally embody change. These wild nomads of the desert readily transform and playfully tumble around in their dance with life and death, all according to their unique, ingenious design. Tumbleweeds know about rooting themselves only when and where it's nourishing. And they intentionally move on from what-has-been when the cycle is complete, when that purpose has been served, honoring it all with their ease, lightness and quirky grace. Tumbleweeds have shown me how to call in the winds to let old attachments go. (excerpt from Tumbleweeds)

Manaole U Manaole, from my heart to the heart of mother earth to your heart,
JoAnne Dodgson

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