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by JoAnne Dodgson - Sunday, September 19, 2010, 04:02 PM
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JoAnne Dodgson

The transitions of the earth’s seasons are filled with dynamic energies – the subtle shiftings, the visible changes, the feeling of anticipation, the curiosities about what will come to be. Here north of the equator, the Equinox on September 22/23 marks the transition into Fall. In the lands and waters south of the equator, Spring is awakening. Wherever we are, we are immersed in a rich weaving of diverse textured rhythms unfolding all at once on the earth.

Equinox is a unique interplay with the sunrise and sunset which generates balance, an equal (or close to it) amount of daytime and night. The season of Fall is a time of letting go. Leaves falling from trees. Wildflowers fading. Birds taking flight on their migrations.

The invitation offered up by Fall Equinox is to learn about creating balance in the midst of letting go. To choose to allow the natural transitions when something has served it’s purpose and the time has come to change form, to move on, to die away. For many of us, letting go is a process we avoid and resist. We don’t want to let go of what’s known and familiar as we expect only grief, disorientation and loss. Yet holding on out of fear disrupts the natural flow, keeping everyone and everything stuck in place. Letting go opens up sacred space for the new.

Finding balance in the midst of letting go. It’s a creative healing art. It’s a dance of diverse rhythms. And the earth is a trustworthy guide. If we take a look around – listen and feel, smell, taste, reach out to touch – the seasons and cycles and all the beings involved have endless wisdoms to share.

What do you see happening in the world around you? How do the plants and winged ones and four-leggeds and little creepy-crawlies move through the transitions, the letting go, the dying away? You may discover a connection with a certain tree or animal or bird or body of water who serves as a special guide for this particular season in the passages of your life.

This year, Fall Equinox coincides with the Full Moon. The Full Moon is a radiant and magical presence, bringing light to this time of transition on the earth. Full Moon reminds us to come out of hiding, to shine brightly, to express freely, to join up with and celebrate the mysteries and magic of life. All this in the midst of the Fall’s letting go. Reach out to explore what the Full Moon is sharing with you – about balance during transitions, about honoring what has been, about not holding back and letting your light shine, about welcoming change with open hearts.

Manaole U Manaole

from my heart to the heart of mother earth to your heart,

JoAnne Dodgson