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~Recomposing the
Mother-Daughter Bond~

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Whether you are the mother or the daughter, your bond with one another is typically complex. This course is mother-daughterfor those who desire to recompose the emotional/metaphysical field that defines that bond. Even if your mother/daughter is not physically a part of your life or has passed away, your bond remains energetically/psychologically at play.

You will practice the art of non-judgmental observation as the instrument of recomposition. You will neutralize fear or unease and thereby safely release old patterns of thought and behavior. You will deepen your bond with your mother/daughter and be rewarded with unanticipated love.

RECOMPOSING THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOND uses the technique that Laura Cerwinske teaches in her online course, Radical Writing, a transformational process that draws upon the imagination to propel uninhibited self-exploration. The process works in the same way as icon painting, totem making, and other forms of religious art: by engaging and focusing the conscious and subconscious activities of the mind.

The course integrates writing, drawing, movement, and touch. It requires no previous writing or expertise whatsoever. Students have the opportunity to speak with Laura directly as part of her weekly Radical Writing conference call.


Laura Cerwinske

Laura CerwinskeLaura Cerwinske is an artist, writer, publisher, and creator of Radical Writing. Her work is based on principles of the Wise Woman tradition, which she studied with Susun Weed in 1980. She has been a student of spiritual practice for more than thirty-five years and is the author of more than 20 books on art and creativity.

Her publishing enterprise, Blue Hair Lady Publishing, produces books and art that reveal the joyful intensity of Creative power. Her online course, Radical Writing, combines the awareness training of A Course in Miracles with a shamanic approach to writing, art, and incantation. Laura’s extensive body of art includes paintings and sculpture that likewise express her belief in beauty as a transformative power.

Laura is an ayabo of Lukumi, a Yoruba form of nature worship, and a daughter of Ochun. She has been a follower of Prem Rawat (also known as Guru Maharaji) for nearly four decades.