Course categories

The Arts 
 Easy TarotSummary
 Medicine Wheel Path: Living a Life of Balance and SpiritSummary
 Medicine Wheel Home: Applying Natural Feng Shui to Create a Home with MeaningSummary
 Creative Autobiography: Telling Your StorySummary
 Recomposing the Mother - Daughter BondSummary
Childbearing Year 
 Welcoming Angels WorkshopSummary
 Perinatal Loss WorkshopSummary
 BEBE for Expecting Mothers - Baby Empowered Birthing EducationSummary
 Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health SupportSummary
 BEBE Childbirth Educator Certification Program Summary
Divine Feminine 
 What is Remembered LivesSummary
 Reclaiming Artemis-Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back Into Your Life! Summary
 Awaken Your Divine Feminine SoulSummary
 Being WomanSummary
 Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom - Become a Powerful WomanSummary
 Initiation 21st Century: Awakening Your Sacred CenterSummary
Energy Healing 
 Clair -Senses Soul TherapyThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrollment keySummary
 Intuitive DevelopmentSummary
 Seven Directions Movement MeditationSummary
 Shaman's Circle: Earth Spirits and GuidesSummary
 Healing Your ChakrasSummary
 Healing Yourself with DreamworkSummary
Health & Wellbeing 
 Indian Summer: Nourishing the Earth ElementSummary
 From Belly Distress to Belly HealthSummary
 Hidden Treasure: Kidney Essence & The Water ElementSummary
 Heal Your Heart: The Fire ElementSummary
 Cooking for the Love of Children Summary
 Culturing from the HeartSummary
 Love Your Liver: The Wood ElementSummary
 Healthy Vagina & CervixSummary
Herbal Medicine 
 A Healthy Heart, The Wise Woman Way - Unit ThreeSummary
 A Healthy Heart, The Wise Woman Way - Unit TwoSummary
 A Healthy Heart the Wise Woman Way - Unit One Summary
 Herbal First Aid: The Wise Woman WaySummary
 Plants and People: Herbal Medicine MakingSummary
 Nourishing Herbal Infusions - Drink Your Way to HealthSummary
Menopausal Years 
 Menopausal AlliesSummary
 Dawning of WisdomSummary
Moon Time 
 Moon WritingSummary
 Manifesting with the MoonSummary
 Creating a Moon LodgeSummary
 Conscious MenstruationSummary
Course Introductions 
 Creative Autobiography: Telling Your StorySummary
 Reclaiming Artemis-Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back Into Your Life!Summary
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