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The Wise Woman University (WWU) is a sacred distance learning environment for the reweaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients.

WWU is an online non-accredited distance learning environment, offering courses to women for personal empowerment and well-being. Register at the Wise Woman Bookshop to choose from WWU's empowering courses.

At the Wise Woman University you will find mentors with women-centered skills pleased to offer their wisdom to you in a format that is lively, interesting, and easily available.

WWU social network is open to all students and guests.

Questions in navigating your course or account at WWU? See Student Manual.

There is a 15 day no-questions-asked refund policy, providing the course has not been completed in that time.

Course categories

The Arts 
 Easy TarotSummary
 Medicine Wheel Path: Living a Life of Balance and SpiritSummary
 Medicine Wheel Home: Applying Natural Feng Shui to Create a Home with MeaningSummary
 Creative Autobiography: Telling Your StorySummary
 Recomposing the Mother - Daughter BondSummary
Childbearing Year 
 Welcoming Angels WorkshopSummary
 Perinatal Loss WorkshopSummary
 BEBE for Expecting Mothers - Baby Empowered Birthing EducationSummary
 Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health SupportSummary
 BEBE Childbirth Educator Certification Program Summary
Divine Feminine 
 What is Remembered LivesSummary
 Reclaiming Artemis-Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back Into Your Life! Summary
 Awaken Your Divine Feminine SoulSummary
 Being WomanSummary
 Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom - Become a Powerful WomanSummary
 Initiation 21st Century: Awakening Your Sacred CenterSummary
Energy Healing 
 Clair -Senses Soul TherapyThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrollment keySummary
 Intuitive DevelopmentSummary
 Seven Directions Movement MeditationSummary
 Shaman's Circle: Earth Spirits and GuidesSummary
 Healing Your ChakrasSummary
 Healing Yourself with DreamworkSummary
Health & Wellbeing 
 Indian Summer: Nourishing the Earth ElementSummary
 From Belly Distress to Belly HealthSummary
 Hidden Treasure: Kidney Essence & The Water ElementSummary
 Heal Your Heart: The Fire ElementSummary
 Cooking for the Love of Children Summary
 Culturing from the HeartSummary
 Love Your Liver: The Wood ElementSummary
 Healthy Vagina & CervixSummary
Herbal Medicine 
 A Healthy Heart, The Wise Woman Way - Unit ThreeSummary
 A Healthy Heart, The Wise Woman Way - Unit TwoSummary
 A Healthy Heart the Wise Woman Way - Unit One Summary
 Herbal First Aid: The Wise Woman WaySummary
 Plants and People: Herbal Medicine MakingSummary
 Nourishing Herbal Infusions - Drink Your Way to HealthSummary
Menopausal Years 
 Menopausal AlliesSummary
 Dawning of WisdomSummary
Moon Time 
 Moon WritingSummary
 Manifesting with the MoonSummary
 Creating a Moon LodgeSummary
 Conscious MenstruationSummary
Course Introductions 
 Creative Autobiography: Telling Your StorySummary
 Reclaiming Artemis-Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back Into Your Life!Summary
Correspondence Courses 

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