Mentor: Mary Lane

Through Mary’s 30 year career as a professional chef she awakened and deepened her understanding of the connection between food and nourishment, the wisdom of nature, sexuality, and the Divine Feminine.

She discovered the desire to reclaim these aspects of ourselves lies beneath the surface of our collective movement toward sustainability and balance. She draws upon the wisdom of her own journey and weaves it with her expertise in the ancient Taoist 5 Element System of Nutrition, Plant Spirit Medicine, sacred sexuality, wildcrafting, and professional training as a chef. She is dedicated to supporting women to transform the self rejection buried in the shadowy depths of their unconscious to self care, honor and love.

She is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Nam Singh’s Academy of 5 Element Nutrition and Cooking with Chinese Herbs, Eliot Cowan’s Plant Spirit Medicine Training, and Clayton College of Nutrition. She apprenticed Marie Mellinger in wildcrafting wild foods in the Blue Ridge Mountains, studied with several teachers in herbalism, and has a strong background in Sacred Sexuality.

She has owned her own restaurant, flown the world as a high end private chef, catered numerous health and spiritual retreats, and was formerly chef and recipe developer for the highly acclaimed web site,

She offers classes, workshops and private consultations on eating, cooking and living seasonally to align with the rhythm and flow of our environment, and provides intimate nourishing seasonal nature retreats for women in her mountain home near Asheville, North Carolina.

Listen to a thirty minute interview with Mary Lane

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Divine Nourishment: A Woman's Sacred Journey with Food Divine Nourishment
by Mary Lane

Divine Nourishment is a book designed to acquaint you with the rhythm and
flow of the Earth’s wisdom through our relationship with nourishment.
We witness the self similarity of our own human journey with nature as life
flows through the seasons of birth, life, death and rebirth. We open to the
wisdom and feminine energy within ourselves that is desperately needed to support balance and harmony in our world.

For generations, the lack of understanding and acceptance of feminine wisdom has created self-rejection for women in societies across the world. The deep, collective wounding of the Divine Feminine has buried this wisdom in the shadowy depths of our souls. Reconnecting with nature is a valuable step toward healing.

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~ Art of Transformation~
(link to detailed description of Art of Transformation )

It has been taught by the ancient ones in many cultures, sexual energy has enormous transformative power. It creates and transforms. However, it is not discriminating. It creates form of whatever consciousness it is channeled through.

The natural world and Earth is a physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine and we are a self similar version of her. The same kundalini energy that moves through our bodies and consciousness also moves through the Earth’s. This wave of creative life force moving through the Earth’s body can be witnessed as seasons going through the process of creation, life, and destruction, death. We are witnessing her infinite creativity and willingness to let go of what no longer serves, and become food for the birth of the new. It is transformation at it’s best.

She is the master of transformation. She is a manifestation of this transformative process in the form of the natural world. She has brilliantly set this wisdom in motion one cycle at a time, making it doable as an exciting adventure one digestible bite at a time. Aligning with the wisdom of the Divine Feminine physically manifested as the Earth will support us to transform, grow, evolve, and raise our consciousness as a collective reflection of her creation. Honoring the Divine Masculine energy that is a part of her supports us to bring her creation into form. We can know ourselves as a self similar embodiment of her Divine creative energy, wisdom, and love as she reflects it through her natural world. She is the Master!

Each class builds upon the other in this course.

Each course I offer throughout the year builds upon one another as well, for a deeper journey. However, they are self contained within themselves and are meant to open the door and welcome the Divine Feminine out of the shadows within you.

You will have a good foundation in which to deepen your relationship with her, as you. There is only so much that I can offer in these online courses, as this material and journey is vast and deep. But you will have a good healthy taste of a banquet that awaits you.

The goal of this course is to support you to heal your relationship with your sexual energy and align it with the self similar creative energy of the Divine Feminine so that you may tune yourself to your own creativity.

This six week course will be starting May 31st, 2011



~ Heal, Nourish & Honor the Divine
Feminine Within ~

(link to detailed description of Heal, Nourish & Honor the Divine Feminine Within )

Through an intimate format of webinars and teleconference calls Heal, Nourish & Honor the Divine Feminine Within supports us with a structure to listen and recognize what’s calling out from the shadows that wants to be healed, loved and integrated so the Feminine Principle within can become whole, empowered and present, out of the shadows, shining through each of us once again.

This process itself is the mastery and wisdom of the Divine Feminine in action. She rules this territory. To embrace her is to embrace the light and darkness equally, receiving the gifts from both.

Course goals: 

~ We will take a look at what lies beneath the collective wounding that each of us carry a piece of. How that piece has manifested in this life personally and how we can heal it through self love.

~ We will shine the light on the rejected pieces of the feminine within us so she may step forward into our embrace and grace this world through our gifts.

~ We will explore the collective shame and difficulty bringing our gifts out into the world, and be given tools to transform this shame into a celebration of these powerful aspects of ourselves. You will be given self nourishing practices that transform the collective and individual unconscious self rejection into self love and honor.

~ We will sit in circle through teleconference and share with one another our discoveries, supporting one another to heal in a healthy way that feeds our blossoming, and does not perpetuate our worn out method of communicating as women.

~ We will change our wardrobe through changing our beliefs about ourselves. Finally, you will see the self-similar wisdom both you and the Earth carry that is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine, and that there is nothing wrong with us! Own it, enjoy it, share it!

This six week course will be starting October 4th, 2011


~ Divine Nourishment - 5 Element Cooking ~
(link to detailed description of Divine Nourishment )

Course Start Dates: May 3rd, 2011 and September 6th, 2011

photo by rosemary woodwardThis four week class is designed to introduce you to the rhythm and flow of the Earth’s wisdom through our relationship with nourishment using the Taoist 5 Element system of nutrition. The Taoists are one of many ancient cultures who embodied their oneness with nature and followed a way of life to support it.

You’ll receive practical information to apply in your daily life that supports you to balance seasonal meals and nourish all your organ systems that is compatible with your lifestyle. You will be given a foundation that not only mirrors back to you your self similarity to nature, but it is a spring board for cooking as a sacred art in co-creation with our Divine Mother Earth.

It is a beginning class that lays a basic foundation in which to expand upon and explore how we embody the soul of nature on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Course goals: 

~ You will have a foundation in the language of nature using the 5 Element System.

~ You will have clarity of how food fits within your current lifestyle as a starting point with step by step support in bringing the seasons into your consciousness, food and cooking methods.

~ You will end up with a personalized notebook that can be continually added to as a seasonal reference guide and recipe book.


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