Healing Your Chakras by Catherine Bastedo
by Wise Woman - Friday, July 20, 2018, 04:17 PM
Healing Your Chakras by Catherine Bastedo

Do you think your chakras are clear and healthy? Do you nourish them? Or are your chakras neglected, sluggish, and weighed down or blocked? Are you aware of their health? And how can you tell what shape they are in?

In the Healing Your Chakras class, I will help you answer some of these questions. You will come to know your chakras, and become friends with them by really “seeing” them and paying attention to them! Looking after your chakras can be fun and just requires a bit of your time, and a little discipline! Most of us have a hard time doing all the things that are good for us – eating the right foods, exercising, sleeping enough, drinking the water we need, and so on. And this, just on the physical side! It’s also a challenge to relax our minds, release negative emotional patterns, and connect regularly with Spirit.

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