3 Herbs to Start Using Today! by Linda Conroy
by Wise Woman - Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 04:38 PM
3 Herbs to Start Using Today!
by Linda Conroy

I recently offered a talk titled 3 herbs to start using today. Deciding which herbs to talk about, was a wonderful journey. I chose 3 herbs very deliberately, after polling herbalist friends, as well as nonherbalist friends on what herb they would choose and/or like to hear about. The suggestions as to which herb to choose were inspiring and proved that it is difficult to choose only 3 herbs. It also confirmed by experience that 3 herbs can cover a lot of ground in supporting health.

It occurred to me that if I was wanting to encourage the particpants to begin using the herbs I spoke about right away, one criteria for choosing the herbs would be that they need to be easy to procure. And if I wanted them to be something they could incorporate into their lives over time, it would also be wise to include herbs they could easily grow.

The other criteria I was looking for was that the herbs chosen would support overall health. I wanted to the herbs to offer increased nutrients, to strenthen immune functioning and enhance cardiovasular as well as digestive health. Because our digstive system is the cornerstone of immune functioning, this body system is imperative to good health. And since cardiovascular disease is wide spread, keeping that system strong and healthy makes good sense.

That said the following is a write up on each of the herbs I chose, why I chose to talk about each herb and how they can be prepared and incorporated into daily life.

To your health!
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