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Common questions and answers for prospective students

Q: How do I register on this site?

Click on the text that says "Create new account" underneath the login box in the upper right of the home page. Fill out the new account form that appears. If you have clicked "login" first and you are seeing the regular login form and instructions that say "Is this your first time here?" at the top, click "Create new account" at the bottom. Make sure you enter a valid email address when you complete this form . You will need to receive an email from the web site to complete the registration process. Fill out this form and click "Create my new account," then go to your email.

Q: I followed the registration instructions and entered a valid email address, but I never received an email to complete the process. What do I do?

Send yourself an email and see if you get it. If you do, your email address is working properly. If you don't, your email account may be the problem. Check to see if the email from Moodle was filtered as spam. Your spam filter sends email that looks like spam to a mail box. Open that mailbox and look for the email. If you find it, open the email and complete the registration process. Then go back to your spam filter and change the settngs to allow email from . This will prevent email from the web site from being filtered again.

Q: How do I find my course?

Once you register and enter the site, you'll see a list of course categories. Click on the category for your course. For instance, if you have an Herbal Healing course, click "Herbal Healing." You should see a list of all available courses in this category. Find yours, and click on it.

Q: I entered my course and tried to access a document, but I received a warning message about downloads (see below). What do I do?

A: This error message is the result of a security setting in Internet Explorer, your web browser. Click O.K. Go to the top of the page just under your address box. You should see a bar with a message that begins "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer..." Right-Click on the yellow area and select either "Open" or "Save." If you select "Open" you'll be able to view the document but it won't be saved on your computer. If you select "Save" you'll be able to save it on your computer and then view it later by clicking on the file. If the document is long or you will be using it regularly, Saving will probably be more convenient.

Q. How long do I have to complete my course?

A. Each course is designed to be completed in four weeks time, however, each registrant will be able to take as long as they want to complete each course. There is no time limit on course completion.

Q. What kind of work load can I expect from each course?

A. The amount of work expected from each course varies, depending on how much each student wants to get out of the course, and based on each mentors expectations. Generally students can expect each course to contain four lessons and four assignments with related suggested resources for additional optional studying.

Each assignment and accompanying lesson is designed to be completed in one week. Quizzes are offered at the discretion of the mentor, and optional to the student. All courses are for personal enrichment, so every student will decide how much or how little time they want to invest in their course work.

Q: How do I add an image or a document to a forum post?

A: You can only upload images that are in .gif or .jpg format and under 500MB in file size. Most digital photographs are in the .jpg format. You can upload any document to the forum post 500MB or smaller in file size, but remember that the user must have a program that can open it. Go to the post that you want to reply to. Click "relpy" at the bottom right of the post. You should see a screen with a text box and editing buttons at the top. You can add an image to a forum post in two ways. (1) If the image is on the Internet , click the image button in the button bar. Open another browser window and go to the image that's on the Internet. Cut and paste the address to the image into the address box that opened on . Save your changes. The image will be inserted where ever you left your cursor. (2) If the image is on your computer , go to the bottom of the edit page that opened when you clicked "reply," and click "browse." Find the image on your computer and double click it (or click it once and then the "open" button at the bottom of the browse window). The image will not appear in your text while you are looking at it, but it will appear at the bottom of the page when you are done. You can add a Word or other document to your page for downloading using the same process. You can only add one image or document to each forum post.

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