Hi mentors,

I hope you are as excited about Wise Woman University as I am! Justine and Kim have done an amazing job setting up the platform and I see some fantastic classes in the lineup.

I'd like to share a brief tutorial with everyone to help lend some support as we begin this learning adventure. For "nuts and bolts" tutorial, go to: http://docs.moodle.org/en/Getting_started_for_teachers

I have been teaching online classes, workshops, and webinars for over 5 years. Since 1996 I have taught "live" classes but after becoming involved in online learning as a student in graduate school, I realized how the flexibility of online learning was so much easier to fit into my crazy life. I questioned some of my students regarding online learning and received an overwhelming positive response that flexible scheduling with families and busy lives was a great asset.

Here's what I've learned:
I'm sure you are all intimately familiar with your classes. Try running through them "as a student." From an outside point of view we often see things we missed. Role play as a student, take some of your exams, turn in assignments and read the materials in a new light. See how it flows.

When someone signs up- the first thing you'll want to do is welcome them. Send a brief note "thanks for joining…"

You might want to remind them to read the objectives or ask them to introduce themselves in class forum (you can click on Forum in Activities to set this up). Communication is important so they don't feel like they're just typing to an empty screen.

Remember these classes are designed to finish in ~4 weeks, so you'll want to dedicate at 1-2 days per week for grading and reviewing responses. It is also important to check in with your students if you haven't heard from them for a while.

When you go to your class at WWU be sure to all of your lessons and assignments (and quizzes if applicable) are in the right order.

Click the "turn editing on" button

You may want to add a discussion forum or link to other materials (under Add a Resource or Add an Activity)

Add an Activity has "chat" too- a helpful feature if you have an online discussion scheduled, although this is not always recommended with self-paced classes. Under "Activities" you will see all your

  • Assignments
  • Chats
  • Forums
  • Quizzes
  • Resources
  • Surveys

Make sure each one is completed as you desire. There are step by step directions to add any of these to your course.

The "Latest News and Upcoming Events" boxes on the right of the screen are helpful if there are any live workshops you're giving, similar events you'd like to share, or news you think would be helpful to your students.

Additionally, you may want to include these items as an online mentor:

  • Telling about yourself: degrees, life experience, work background, professional affiliations, etc.
  • Syllabus
  • Requirements
  • Your availability/communication capabilities

Be sure you have thought about the various answers to the assignments you've posted so you will be ready to grade when they are submitted. It is important to submit comments and grades to assignments within a few days of submission by student, the sooner the better.

The quiz section allows you to choose pre-determined answers available immediately to your students or essay/open ended ones you can grade at your leisure.

When a student has completed the class, be sure that all the quizzes, assignments, etc. are turned in and graded. You may want to keep a checklist of all the things a student needs to turn in before "graduating." If you have decided to include a certificate, you'll want to prepare that now.

Finally, be sure to thank your students for their participation. You may want to provide information about follow up classes or reading materials.

Have a wonderful educational adventure!

Baby blessings,

Jill Chasse

 contact me at: baby_counselor@yahoo.com

write to administrator Justine at: wisewoman@herbshealing.com

contact facilitator/developer Kim at: gaiarising@yahoo.com

We are all here to help you so you can be the best mentor possible!

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